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6 Ways Released to Reign can serve you

Released To Reign is ready to serve you with a wide range of counseling services.  If you are suffering from negative emotions or are in need of treatment for more significant problems such as bipolar disorder, clinical depression or anxiety, marital or family problems, or any issue that you may face, our associates can help. When struggling with emotional or behavioral issues, patients will receive treatment that addresses biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of the problem.  At Released To Reign, we acknowledge that faith plays a central role in any healing process, and seek to come along side our clients in a Christ-led process of change, growth, and perseverance.  

Corporate Training Sessions

Workplace training on inheritance, an investment in professional and personal development.

Conferences, Open Forum Sessions

Training on specific issues we face on a daily basis:  relationships, finances, health, etc.  Guest speakers on a quarterly basis with open forum opportunities.  Dates to be announced soon.

Books & Resources

"The Awakening", by Kathy Allbee.

Monthly Newsletters

Weekly Devotionals