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Discover your true inheritance through Christ

Travel with us on your journey to Christ

Would you like to live life to its fullest potential? Are there challenges or experiences in your life that are hindering you from seeing life as an adventure? Would you like to see your gifts and talents grow?

If you can answer "YES" to any of these questions, we can help introduce you to new ways to discover your true identity and live the life you want - based on these principles:

- Discovering your true inheritance through Christ is the key to successful living

- Changing your perspective allows you to overcome hindrances

- Right believing leads to right living

- Life is an adventure...enjoy the journey!

Often there are challenges or experiences in our lives which can hinder us from seeing life in the right perspective. Whether these experiences are past or present, they can become barriers that prevent one from growing, healing and developing their talents to the fullest potential.

Release to Reign offers one-on-one coaching sessions, large and small group seminars, support groups and health and welfare referrals. Let us help you find relief from drugs, alcohol and other addictions, behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, mental illness, sexual and/or physical abuse, mentoring of fatherless children, PTSD, suicide prevention, finances/poverty mentality, marital restoration and chronic pain relief.  

Find His Light

Seek Serenity

Secure Your Inner Peace

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