Released to Reign Training Center

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Release to Reign, Inc. is a non-profit faith based Christian organization based in Saginaw, Michigan.  We are financially supported by contributions, foundations and grants.  Our mission is to help individuals reach their full potential in life and to experience life as an adventure with influence, determination and purpose.

Released to Reign Training Center offers training that will equip you with tools to empower you and help you discover your true inheritance as a child of God.  We can help you take control of your life and teach you how to start living the life you were meant to live.

We believe that most people who struggle with issues such as anxiety, mental illness and addictions are trying to escape the reoccurring pain in their lives.  We believe that most pain is rooted in identity issues.  We teach people about their true identity as a child of God.  One's true identity is not based on the traumas they have experienced, nor through the negative words that other's have decreed over them.  We can only live intentional lives when we believe in our God given identity and potential.  

Right believing leads to right living.  We can have a personal relationship with God through salvation.  By recognizing that we are sinners and believing in the death and resurrection of Christ and accepting Him as Lord can we spend eternity with God our Father.